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supporting mom, dad and baby with a great birthing experience

A doula helps provide, in every way she can, a positive birthing environment for a laboring woman and her partners. She does not perform any medical procedures. A doula is your advocate, not your voice. She believes in the birth process, and helps provide constant physical and emotional support by suggesting position changes for comfort, offering sips of fluids, massage, praise, and encouragement as well as fostering positive communication among the birth team. In addition to enhancing the labor experience, your doula is a sounding board for your questions and ideas surrounding your birth that may not be answering in the doctor's office. A doula can greatly decrease your potential for interventions, medications and cesarean birth.

  • Certified Doula
  • Bradley Method Educator
  • Breastfeeding Advocate
  • Active Participant with Mom, Coach and Baby


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