About Laura

Hi, my name is Laura Meyer and I have been teaching Bradley© classes since 2002 in Sarasota, Florida. About 130 couples have come through my classes in that time. I am also certified as a doula through The Bradley Method©. Since 2009, I have been offering doula services for home, birthing center, and hospital births. I feel honored to be part of the process by informing, advocating, and attending to the expectant and laboring woman. A doula is the best gift an expectant father can give himself as well. There is an experienced professional looking to the best interests of your desires and needs for this process of birth.

I have great experience to offer from attending about 80 natural labors. Studies have shown that when doulas attend birth, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily. My statistics over the years show that 90% of my clients go into labor on their own, and there is a 50% reduction in c-section rates with a doula present.