Bradley Method Classes

I want you and your baby to have the best, safest, and most rewarding birth experience possible. For that reason, I endorse and teach the following ideas:

  • Natural childbirth: it is the safest for mom and baby; The process of preparation and the circumstances of a natural birth favor the development of strong family bonds
  • Active participation of the coach/labor support person
  • Excellent nutrition (the foundation of a healthy pregnancy)
  • Avoidance of drugs during pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding, unless absolutely necessary
  • Early training continuing until birth
  • Natural breathing combined with relaxation techniques
  • Tuning into and working with your body
  • Immediate and continuous contact with your new baby
  • Breastfeeding, beginning at birth and as long as mother and child are comfortable
  • Being an educated consumer of obstetrics and positive communication with birth team
  • Parents taking responsibility for the safety of the birth place, procedures, attendants and emergency back-up
  • Parents prepared for unexpected, such as Cesarean birth and emergency childbirth


Course Content

Through every class has a specific topic which is covered in detail, each class will also cover nutrition, exercise, communication, coaching, and a different relaxation technique will be demonstrated and assigned for practice each week. Classes may also feature a video presentation.

  • Introduction to The Bradley Method©
  • Nutrition in pregnancy
  • The Coach’s Role
  • Introduction to First State Labor
  • Introduction to Second Stage Labor
  • Planning your birth
  • Variations and complications/postpartum preparation
  • Advanced First Stage Techniques
  • Advanced Second Stage Techniques
  • Being a great coach / Are you ready?
  • Preparing for your new family