Doula Services

What is a doula? A doula helps provide in every way she can, a positive birthing environment for a laboring woman and her partner. She does not perform any medical procedures. A doula is your advocate, not your voice. She believes in the birth process¬†and helps provide constant physical and emotional support by suggesting positions changes for comfort, offering sips of fluids, massage, praise and encouragement, as well as fostering positive communication among the birth team. In addition to enhancing the labor experience, your doula is a sounding board for your questions and ideas surrounding your birth that may not be answered in the doctor’s office. A doula can greatly decrease your potential for interventions, medications, and cesarean births.

The best situation is to have my doula clients in my Bradley© Childbirth classes! This way I can establish a close relationship with the couple and can work through any of the questions and insecurities that come up during the last two trimesters with you. I can help you write a birth plan and be an advocate for you during your birth experience. If you have not had a chance to take my classes, I will meet with you in person once or twice before your birth and speak with you on the phone as needed.

When you decide that you would like me to be present during your labor, I will arrive at your home and help establish a relaxed atmosphere before moving to your birth place. I can make phone calls for you or help a dad-to-be who needs some food, a shower, or a nap before transitioning to the hospital or birth center. I love to take pictures during labor and birth! And I love to help with establishing breastfeeding soon after birth.