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“They helped me feel more confident in my ability to birth naturally and with less interventions. Emotionally: I feel empowered seeing the videos in class of other women giving birth without medications or interventions, it’s such a beautiful thing & I want mine to be like that!
“Physically we learned specific pregnancy exercises for strength & endurance. I learned that labor is like a marathon & no one shows up without practicing & eating well & taking good care of themselves in the months leading up to the race.

Nicole: “The classes were much better than I expected. I didn’t expect to learn as much as I did,or to do contraction/relaxation practices.”

A Midwife & a doula have the same perspective on birth -it is normal. A doula is your one-on-one helper trained in the stages of labor, relaxation techniques, can let dad get a nap, get food, etc.
A midwife will handle all your prenatal care, and will deliver your baby with as few medical interventions as possible.

A doula is beneficial wherever you choose to have your baby. In the hospital your nurse has many roles to play. Orders to enter, forms to complete, another patient to attend & shift changes. A doula is there for each contraction watching & supporting you as your labor progresses.

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A doula helps provide, in every way she can, a positive birthing environment for a laboring woman and her partner. By providing constant support she helps decrease anxiety. Fostering positive communication among the birth team, she may help the family to be achieve their birth goals. Her relationship with her clients helps her provide an individualized plan of care. She believes in the birth process, believes in your strength & ability, even when you may doubt yourself. As an experienced labor observer, she is able to provide those needed words of “this is normal”, or “you can do this”; being able to share with the coach ways to offer position changes, or advice on balancing rest & activity during a longer labor.

Statistics show that having a doula can decrease the possibility of surgery by 50%

A doula is your advocate, not your voice. A doula does not perform any medical interventions.

Worth every penny, and oh so glad they do not charge by the hour!
For your money you get: phone support (for all those questions you have after you leave the OB’s office), someone on call for you for two weeks before & after your due date, continuous labor support for you & your partner(whether you are a microwave laborer or a slow-cooker), breastfeeding help, a shoulder to cry on with joy or disappointment, someone to encourage you to write out your story, not think you are weird because you don’t want an epidural & you do want to encapsulate your placenta!